About Us

Vacrite is owned by Spillrite Pty Ltd Australia (ABN: 81 143 605 887) Spillrite is 100% Australian owned private company.  

Spillrite Pty Ltd own and operate this website. The principles of Spillrite have been involved in the vacuum industry for over 7 years

selling and providing vacuum services to large industrial, agricultural, mining, marine and offshore companies.

Our range of vacuums include pneumatic, electric, PD blowers and a wide range of custom built units for many applications.

Vacrite is the service arm of Spillrite Pty Ltd.

 Spillrite/Vacteck Vacuums have sold to most of Australia's leading companies and also to many companies around the world.

 We specialise in custom building units that are both effective as a tool and cost effective.

 Spillrite/Vacteck Vacuums design and sell explosion proof vacuums to the Australain Defence Department.

 We offer all of our clients full technical support and warranties on all products we design and manufacture.

 Spillrite owns and operates many websites which include;